In the last 18 years Mosca Roja has seen many iterations. It was originally written to be adapted as a comic book. Not completely happy with the results I approached the story with other processes like linocut illustrations, voxel art, digital painting and 2D animation. Each version took the characters and story a bit further but never quite captured what I had envisioned. After introducing the iClone pipeline into my workflow the project started to fast track. Utilizing CC3, Iclone 7 and Zbrush I was finally able to shape Mosca Roja. I'm excited to share the trailer for my first film. Being an illustrator and digital sculptor this is a new realm that I'm looking forward to exploring. Mosca Roja is a silent film with subtitles. The score has been composed by Andrew Rivas of the band Sinphonics. There will be a DVD and digital release soon.

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